Hey Vern...err Van!!

Oh, hello there!


I am a introverted-extroverted-think tank-cool guy who loves run on sentences and has no problems talking to strangers unless they are uplifting organic space beings.

I love designing logos for people and love it even more when people love my logo designs. I guess if you need to give me an actual title I would consider myself a logo designer based out of Calgary, AB, Canada.

I am pretty hard on myself when my Clients are not satisfied with what they see. I spend countless hours researching different industries, planning, deleting/erasing, planning some more and finally when I feel like I have it, that is when I finally start designing.

When I am not digitally burning that Minecraft oil  I am probably stuffing my elongated mouth with food and/or alterna-text-ly snowboarding. (insert tear drop smiling emoji here)

Love you, Ma!


Adobe Illustrator
95% Complete
Adobe Photoshop
95% Complete
Adobe InDesign
95% Complete
Cultivating Organic + Original Ideas
90% Complete
Brainstorming Company Names
95% Complete
Letting You Down
1% Complete